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40 Years...

In April 2017, the 1976-77 teams, teammates, friends and family gathered in Blacksburg to reconnect.  Pictures and the history of this event are below.

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A Decade of Winning...

...a broader crew assembled for the 40th reunion of the 1981-1982 teams during baseball alumni weekend in 2022.  We got a lot of new faces as well as some familiar ones and Coach Humphreys gave his players a speech for the ages (see below).  The 2022 team is contending for Top 5 win percentage status as they get ready for tournament play, too.  Lots of fun for all in attendance!

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The Humphreys-to-Hartman Era Reunions History

We’re Getting Back Together (again) in the Fall of 2022!  Click here for details!!


In 2017, Betty Greene put together a 40 year reunion of the 76-77 teams to support the many members of those teams who reached out to Betty after her husband, Edmund, passed away. She decided they needed to get together and reminisce about their years in Blacksburg instead of finding out about each other through her.  Although she was unable to reach everyone, it was a great showing for those teams and the early Hartman players and she promised to do another in 2022 for the 81-82 teams.  That one went off in conjunction with the Baseball Alumni weekend and had representation from a decade of the winningest teams in VT baseball history.


This Spring marks 45 years for the 76-77 teams and 40 years for the 81-82 teams.  The 1981 and 1982 teams were the winningest teams in Virginia Tech baseball history with back-to-back 9 loss seasons,  The 1982 team went 50-9 and finished with an 85% win ratio. It surpassed the 1981 team's record (48-9) with 2 more games and 1 percentage point.  These two teams are the only ones that finished their season winning more than 80% of their games, yet neither received regional berths due to the competitiveness of the Metro conference (only recently joined). 

In contrast, the 1976 and 1977 teams, received back-to-back regional bids as independents. They also finished their seasons with nine losses each, but played fewer total games.  The 1976 and 1977 teams still hold the school's 4th and 5th winningest seasons (33-9 in 1976 and 34-9 in 1977).  Remarkably, the 1977 team rode a 33 game win streak, one of the longest in college baseball, to earn that second regional berth.

This decade also saw the 1975 (26-10), 1983 (34-14) and 1984 (41-17) teams establish themselves in what would become the top 10 winningest seasons and laid the foundation for the 1985 team to finish 6th overall with the a 50-16 season.  The 1985 and 1982 teams were the only two to post 50 win seasons at Virginia Tech.


Bringing back the players, coaches, teammates and friends that were in Blacksburg during this historic decade is a challenge, but partnering with the school's Baseball Alumni activities during the Duke series in May helped us broaden our circle. Reconnecting and finding new faces that have been unable to come back during baseball season is our hope for the Fall get together.

Getting in Contact

To optimize attendance, I need your current information and help in finding players that I haven't been able to locate (see bottom of home page).  Please use the black button below to send me your contact info and get on the email/text lists so I can send you details as the plan comes together.  We also have a Facebook group if you want to use the link and ask to join that.  If you have information that you want to share about contacting a missing player, please email Betty Greene at or text/call 703 915-2734.  Also feel free to share this site.

I hope to see you soon! Go #Hokies

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Coach Humphreys' 2022 Tailgate Message

Many in attendance had never met Coach Humphreys and many have told me how grateful they are to have had them in their lives.  All were impressed with his story.

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VT Day @ Nats Park

In 2017, Betty was also able to get the Nats to recognize the 76-77 teams pregame at Nats park on Virginia Tech day.  VT baseball players were invited to be on the field for batting practice, Coach Humphreys was invited to deliver the Nats line card, and Coach Hartman was joined by his assistants to read "Play Ball!"  Great day for VT and Nats baseball.  Gallery below:

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Fall Baseball Reunion & Football Tailgate
Fall Baseball Reunion & Football Tailgate
Oct 26, 2023, 5:00 PM – Oct 29, 2023, 5:00 PM
Washington St SW, Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA
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