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If You Wore This Logo - Chances are You Belong on This Site!

Updates on Sept 22 2023:  The VT baseball Fall golf tournament and Intra-squad World Series is scheduled for after VT plays Syracuse in Thursday night football.  Football is October 26 with golf on 27th and a 3 game series of baseball  Fri-Sun (27-29).   Check out details with links for football tickets, tailgate RSVP and golf sign ups here   Go Hokies!

We also have some sad news for members of the 1977 team. Paul Morgan recently passed away and I am collecting money if anyone wants to send an arrangement from the team for his service.  Look under People News for more info as well as other updates on former players, coaches and family.

This website is for the people that made the winningest era in Hokies baseball possible.

The goal is to keep everyone in touch, but you now have to become a member to read and post items in the Press Room.  We have had some issues with spam posts recently and I apologize for having to lock this section down.  If you have a problem with joining (i.e., I delete you because I don't know who you are), reach out to me under Contact and I will help get you added.

​There is a Facebook page for baseball alumni that the baseball rep for Monogram Club set up Link here.  Highly recommend joining that as well as the one I set up for the Hump-to-Hartman era Link Here.  


At the top of this page are tabs for past reunions with photos ("Reunion History"); news about members of the VT baseball family from the Hump2Hartman era ("People News"); and press guides + articles from 1975-1983 ("Press Room Forum").

Now that you have a site, please bookmark the page, spread the word and come back for updates. I will be using your contact info to keep you in the loop about future events, too.

If you want to help with website costs and reunion costs, I have a PayPal link:  Anything left over each year will go to VT Athletics in support of the baseball program.

Go Hokies!

Betty Butler Greene

Website Administrator, Edmund's wife & Defacto Communication Coordinator

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Spread the Word About Site and Help Me Find Folks I Don't Have Contact Info to Reach!

I made a big push this year to find more people from the 74-85 era and was successful for some, but still need help finding/verifying the following people.  I only have press guides from 1975-1983, so I will be missing a few people from my list of over 130 players, too.  Please, if you know of someone on the list (or who should be) either send them to the website to get me their contact info (below) or send it to my email at so I can keep them in the loop:​

  • Acree, Tom (1975)

  • Arrington, Mike (1975)

  • Bowler, John (1983)

  • Brooks, Rodney (1983)

  • Brosnan, Pat (1981)

  • Brushwood, Bruce (1975)

  • Butler, Gary (1982)

  • Dillon, Lewis (77)

  • Fisher, Bob (76 & 77)

  • Gendron, Carl (81 & 82)

  • Giannettino, Chip (1980)

  • Goodman, Chris (1983)

  • Grier, David (1979)

  • Hanks, Eddie (1981)

  • Hix, Bob (76-78)

  • Horan, Jim (1981)

  • Kenney, Ray (1978-1982)

  • King, Wayne (1981 -1983)

  • Kiser, Orvin (76)

  • Ludlow, John (1983)

  • Lyons, Steven (1980)

  • Mance, Greg (1983)

  • McNicholas, John (1983)

  • Neilson, John (75-76)

  • Norman, Jim (76)

  • Plante, Billy (1981-1983)

  • Pollard, Darrell (1980)

  • Powell, Dean (1977-1978)

  • Powell, Leigh (1982-1983)

  • Reckling, Chris (1982-1983)

  • Rhoads, Lance (1983)

  • Roth, Ray (1975)

  • Sanders, David (1983)

  • Shemer, Richard (1982)

  • Shrives, Danny (1975)

  • Sieve, Mike (1980)

  • Simerman, Tony (1983)

  • Stadler, Rusty (76)

  • Stringfellow, Thornton "Bean" (1982-1983)

  • Stubbs, Franklin (1980-1982)

  • Tataliba, Dave (1979)

  • Thacker, John (1982-1983)

  • Tobin, Tom (1981)

  • Webber, Scott (1982-1983)

  • Wiggins, Ricky (1983)

  • Wilson, Jim (1981)

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This is a privately developed website dedicated to reuniting the winningest decade of Hokies baseball players, coaches, families, supporters and fans.  The goal is to help bring registrants together virtually and build our network so we stay in touch.  It is not affiliated with Virginia Tech or the baseball program, but was built and is funded by former players and supporters. There is also a private Facebook group that was used to coordinate a few earlier reunions. It complements the site. The site will hopefully reach more former players and provide a central news source for all in the Hump2Hartman era of VT baseball.

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